• 4 Wireless Sound Towers. Each Wireless Tower will produce 4000 watts of continuous power alone

  • Each tower has Four All Weather Community R-2 Full Range Long Throw speakers.  The same speakers used at large venues and sporting events. The largest speakers for outdoor sound in the industry!!
  • Each Community Speaker has a power rating of a 1000 professional continuous watts. 2-QSC GX-7 Amps provide the signal power to the speakers.

     AC power is supplied a quiet 58 db Honda EU2000i generator.

  • EACH TRAILER IS TOTALLY WIRELESS!! Trailers can be placed in the crowd. No Wires! No Trip Hazard!

  • Towers can be placed thousands of feet away from the transmitter.
  • QSC K-12 Powered Speakers Mount on Ultimate Support Stands that are telescopic to a height of 9 feet. This allows sound to penetrate deep into the crowd.  Each Speaker has a weatherproof cover!
  • 19- 12" drivers @ 1000 watts each on stands
  • 2- 15" drivers @ 300 watts each on stands
  • 2- Cerwin Vega 18" drivers @ 600 watts each
  • Wired and Wireless Microphones
  • 2 Handheld UHF Microphones
  • Mixer Mackie PRO FX-22v2
  • Bluetooth, SD, USB Reader
  • Two deck CD player and Computer
  • Icom A200 Radio for the Announcer or Airboss
  • Announcer to Performer PA Interface
  • 40 portable radios (Walkie Talkies) for use by  Ground Support
Totally Wireless Sound Trailers.

Trailers can be  placed several thousand of feet away from the tranmitter!!

Sound System 

Our Sound System